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Metta in Crescent Heads

On Mon, 16 October, 2017 - 21:45
Dhammalata's picture

Sitting on my bed this morning in Crescent Heads. Up here with old surf buddies from Adelaide. Most of them are at that stage of life where collectively they’ve created a tribe of young kids. It’s actually a sort of father and sons gig and me, with my 26 year old lad back in Sydney, enjoying the limited freedom of being a friendly uncle.

So this morning I set myself up on my bed in the temporary quiet of dawn and brought different ones of them to mind bathing them in metta. I think all meditation practice gradually matures and morphs through different stages of evolution and today I just had a strong sense of the universality and commonality of human existence.

Sometimes I see myself as different to others, and unfortunately, even a bit superior due to having ‘special Buddhist tools’ and today, surrounded by the very real humanity of this peculiarly intimate and precious context of communal friendship with old mates and their emerging families I found myself in contact with the precious and inescapable ordinariness of our collective existence.

I once again saw that yes, I need to be very kind and patient with myself and yes, I need to then see that this same orientation of my being needs to embrace every being … .no exceptions …. 

Hope you can meditate with us this week
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