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Meditation this week and Come do the Sculpture by the Sea walk with us

On Tue, 28 October, 2014 - 04:58
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” …. Not having the determination to do immediately what you know to be the most important thing and wasting your time instead on minor activities.

….. This is the most common of meditation’s enemies. What practitioner is not the victim of it? Distraction is completely normal, because when you begin to practise, your mind is undisciplined and chaotic and you can’t reasonably expect it to calm down immediately – so there is no reason to give up hope. The goal of meditation is precisely to make your mind smooth and manageable so that it can be concentrated or relaxed at will; and especially to free it from the tyranny of mental afflictions and confusion. The antidote to distraction is cultivating vigilance. Whenever you notice that your mind has wandered off, bring it back to the object of meditation . If you suddenly realise you’ve been distracted , it shows you have recovered your mindfulness, so you should be happy about this instead of being discouraged and regretful. The more often you notice that you have been distracted, the more your mindfulness is progressing.

Remember also why you are meditating. Your goal is not to waste time giving free reign to your thoughts, but to use your meditation time to gain freedom from suffering.”

Matthieu Ricard The Art of Meditation

Hey hope you can join us for the following:

Regular meditations every Thursday at 7 pm and Sunday mornings at 8 am

And for the ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ walk after this Sunday’s meditation. We are going to meet at the Tamarama Boardwalk (in front of the café) at 10 am. Bring sunhat and blackout.


  1. Carol (one of our regulars) is having her mitra ceremony at the Sydney Buddhist Centre on the afternoon of Sunday November 9th and you are all very warmly invited to attend and share this with her. It is a simple and beautiful ceremony held with five other new mitras during a puja (devotional chanting ritual). This would be an ideal opportunity for you to see the Sydney Buddhist Centre and meet some of our wider circle of friends. I’ll send more information shortly. To become a mitra means to consciously decide and communicate your intention to practice as a Buddhist within our unique context
  2. We will soon be starting a new focus in our bi-weekly Buddhist Study group that meets after the Sunday morning meditation and I’m gently excited about it. We will be doing an 8 week course created by Maitreyabandhu who has been the chairman of the London Buddhist Centre for many years. You can read and watch more about it by clicking on the link below. Basically it explores ways to bring mindfulness into the very day to day conditions of our lives ….
  3. Finally we at the Sydney Buddhist Centre would love you to visit our crowd-funding site and read about an exciting project to beautify our lovely old building and if you feel inspired even donate some dollars!

Dear Coogee group,

I’m not sure whether Dharmalata has passed this information on, but I’d like to tell you a little about the Sydney Buddhist Centre’s fundraising project, the Buddha Blitz.

Please don’t feel any sense of obligation when you read the information below.

Our project is about giving the centre a make-over so it’s more beautiful for our Buddhist community and for the wider community. We’re using the philanthropic Crowdfunding site StartSomeGood to promote our campaign.

If you go to and scroll down, you’ll see our project, ‘Buddha Blitz’. You’ll see our story along with some videos to explain things more.

And if you go to and click on ‘Renos’, you’ll see precisely the renovations we want to make - again with some accompanying small videos.

You can donate to the Blitz on either of these sites. We’ve raised over $24,000 so far, but we need to raise $30,000 to do all the things we need to do.

We’d appreciate any contribution you’d care to make. And we’d be delighted if you forwarded this email on to your own family and friends - Crowdfunding is all about disseminating information far and wide.

But please don’t feel obliged either to donate or to pass this email on. If you feel you are unable for any reason to take any steps at all, that’s quite all right too.

Metta, and may all blessings be yours,

Kamalamayi (on behalf of the Buddha Blitz team)

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