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Meditation this week

On Tue, 18 June, 2013 - 01:28
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Dear Friends of The Coogee Meditation Group

This week we will be doing the Metta Bhavana practice. A practice designed to cultivate kindness toward self and other.

Generosity is given enormous emphasis in the Buddhist tradition. And this generosity needs to start with a generosity toward ourself. We need to appreciate and nurture a kind and nurturing attitude toward ourselves and then share this with others .

It is an unconditional generosity based in the understanding that it is a natural and healthy aspiration to be well and happy in one’s life.

It is as pure and unconditional as a mother’s love for her child

I hope you may be able to join us this Thursday night at 7 pm

After the meditation the discussion focus will be around all the different ways generosity can be expressed and practised ……

Much metta


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