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Meditation - The Way of Awakening

On Tue, 14 April, 2015 - 12:25
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Meditation – The Way of Awakening

I’m reading a book loaned to me by Steve, one of our regulars. It’s called ‘Living Dreaming Dying – wisdom of Tibetan psychology’ and it’s got some cool stuff to say about meditation. Here’s a sample:

‘One way to begin the journey of integration is to meditate. Meditation is the highroad into every avenue of the human psyche, …………….. Why is that? Because when we meditate we bring the mind into focus in the instant. In meditation we develop a latent faculty: mindfulness. When mindfulness is present, the mind naturally comes into focus, enabling the fragmented energies to integrate, which they will do spontaneously when appropriate conditions are created. ….. It is the one training that changes the mind at all levels.’                                                                                              Page 19

Meditation helps us draw together all the disparate bits of ourselves and allows them, over time, to flow in one unified direction. 

Meditation this week:

Thursday         7 – 8.30    pm        Metta Bhavana

Sunday         8 – 8.50 am        Mindfulness of Breathing

Dharma study kicks off again Sunday week on April 26th

And advanced notice – Coogee Meditation Group Retreat out at our simple but beautiful retreat centre on the banks of the Georges River will be held on the weekend June 19 – 21 – please put it into your diaries

Padmadakini and Dharmalata

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