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Meditation in a Can

On Tue, 13 August, 2013 - 06:43
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Dear Fellow Meditator

My partner Gina came up with the excellent idea this week of marketing ‘Meditation in a Can’ - powdered meditation – mix two scoops with water and take daily

Saves all that time sitting quietly on a cushion!

It is a challenge for most of us to develop a steady and regular practice but with gentle persistence and by keeping our inspiration alive it is possible for anyone.

This week we will be doing the metta bhavana practice – the beautiful and traditional practice of cultivating loving kindness toward self and other. In my own experience this is a profound happiness practice.

The post meditation discussion will focus on the first of the five traditional hindrances – these are the things that stop us from both meditating but also from making progress in the wider context of our lives.

Hope you can make it – 7 pm this Thursday night

Biggest metta


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