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Meditating Under A Full Moon

On Tue, 13 May, 2014 - 08:44
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This week we will be meditating under a full moon

My preceptor, the key mentor in my ordination process, once told me it is especially auspicious to meditate under a full moon as the energies moving under the influence of a full moon are intense and so to stabilise and train one’s mind in the midst of these energies is especially efficacious.

Padmadakini will lead you in The Mindfulness of Breathing practice and just to affirm you in the practice and to inspire you here’s a quote I read about this practice from ‘In The Buddha’s Words’ by Bhikkhu Bodhi:

“The Buddha said he used mindfulness of breathing as his main meditation subject for the attainment of enlightenment. During his teaching career he occasionally went into seclusion to devote himself to ‘the concentration gained through mindfulness of breathing’ and he confers on it a unique honour by calling it ‘the Tathagata’s dwelling.’”

So don’t hold back – come along and set your mind on a course of calm and tranquility under the May 15th Full Moon

Coogee Croquet Clubrooms Thursday 7 – 8.30 pm

NB: The following week is our One Year Old Coogee Meditation Group Birthday Celebration. Please put both that and our June 20 – 22 retreat into your diaries

I have postponed our birthday party to May 22nd as I am going to be in hospital for a simple procedure this Thursday and so will not be there

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