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Love and Kindness Makes Sense

On Tue, 22 October, 2013 - 00:39
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Dear Coogee Meditator

In our current Coogee Dharma study group we’re reading a text on metta (loving kindness) and it makes the point early on that kindness and compassion is the response to life that makes the most sense. Given that none of us like to suffer but rather we thrive and grow when kindness, patience and generosity are present then rationally this is the best place to think and act from both toward ourselves and all other beings.

This week we will be doing the Metta Bhavana practice led by Padmadakini

Also a reminder that our first Coogee Meditation Group retreat will be on this weekend and it’s still fine to enrol if you haven’t already. We have a good group going plus a few extras from our main Buddhist centre in Newtown. Padmadakini and I will be leading the retreat.

We have put together a program that allows time to meditate, discuss deepening friendships and simply have time to relax. It is a beautiful spot just a 40 minute drive from Sydney on the banks off the Georges River. All activities on the retreat are optional so you can engage with the program to the degree to which you feel best meet your needs. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me by return email.

For all who have let me know they’re attending and those planning to please do register with The Sydney Buddhist Centre (details on the ‘Deepening Friendship’ flyer which is attached. Lydia from the Buddhist Centre will then email you everything you need to know about cost and getting there.

I will be getting out there during the day on Friday so that we can have things all ready for your arrival. If you need help with transport please let me know.

Much metta


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