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Living as a River

On Tue, 8 September, 2015 - 04:39
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“I’ll suggest that we cease clinging to the idea of having a self so we can embrace a life that is spontaneous and flowing, like an athlete in ‘the zone’, with a mind clear, focused, and non-grasping. 

I’ll suggest that, rather than managing our terror through clinging, we do just the opposite; that we learn to let go and move beyond our fear of change. I’ll suggest that the best kind of life is a joyful and fearless life – one in which we have looked impermanence in the face and seen it not as an enemy or even simply as how things are, but as an opportunity for growth. 

I’ll suggest, mainly, that we let go of the idea of our own specialness – our separateness and permanence. This does not mean we diminish ourselves. In fact, paradoxically, in letting go of the idea of our specialness we open ourselves up to recognising we’re more special than we could ever have imagined.”

                                                                     Bodhipaksa        Living as a River

Film Night and Vegetarian Feast Night!!

Saturday September 26th        We are going to have a BYO Vegetarian Dinner followed                                                   by a viewing of ‘The Shift’. The Shift is a movie featuring                                                    Dr. Wayne Dyer

6.30 pm     Coogee Croquet Club

Amanda recommended the movie and since then I’ve had very powerful affirmations from others as to the quality and inspiration of the story. Some will know that Dr. Dyer who has obviously been a spiritual inspiration to many, many people died very recently 

Meditation This week

Thursday     7 – 8.30     pm

Sunday        8 – 8.50     am

And advance notice that our next Coogee Meditation Group Retreat is scheduled for the weekend of November 6 – 8 at Vijayaloka Retreat Centre

Much metta

Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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