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Keeping the Aspiration Alive

On Tue, 23 August, 2016 - 23:57
Dhammalata's picture

If you’ve come along to our meditation sits a number of times you’ll almost certainly have heard me urge you to keep the aspiration to meditate alive. Consistent meditation practice is the key and the good news is you don’t have to do long sits to get the benefits. 

If one can meditate daily or even every few days and do it on a consistent basis you will begin to feel your mind transform. There will be more spaciousness in your experience and this will be supported by a natural patience and kindness. From this place you will gradually move more and more into what I call ‘The driver’s seat’ of your mind from where you can have increasing choice about how you live your life and how you want to respond to people and situations.

Most people report that sitting with others is a real support and inspiration to their meditation so please come along and enjoy our group sits:

Thursday     7 - 8.30 pm
Sunday        8 - 9.00 am

Much metta
Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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