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It's not just about fixing problems ......

On Wed, 2 October, 2013 - 10:47
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Hi Meditation People

It’s occurred to me a few times lately that it’s important to not only talk about the problems meditation can help you with but also highlight the fact that it is a profound means to make an already happy, well adjusted person happier and happier and happier – more and more and more free!

With meditation you simply start from where you’re at; happy, unhappy or just groovin’ along in an in between place.

What it’s about it getting to know yourself more and more and being able to make better and better choices in every aspect of your existence. Mindfulness is like taking a bright torch into a dark room so that you can move around confidently without fear of tripping and bumping into things. It allows you to see that there’s nothing scary in the room – yep even old age, disease and death cease to become scary when you really see into the natural and never-ending dance of impermanence.

This week Padmadakini will be leading us through the Mindfulness of Breathing practice – hope you can make it!

I’ve also attached a flyer for our first retreat (October 25 – 27th) and I very warmly encourage you to join us – it will be a lovely, gentle and relaxing time at our very peaceful retreat centre on the banks of the Georges River

Another reminder too about our Dharma study groups alternate Sunday mornings 9 – 10.30 am

Please RSVP me in interested in attending either of these so that I put your name on the list

Biggest metta ever


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