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On Tue, 4 November, 2014 - 05:12
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So this week’s email is about invitations …..

An Invitation to Mindfulness:

often say during a led meditation that each new breath is an invitation to mindfulness. It doesn’t matter how many times our mind has wandered – there is always another invitation waiting for us ….. And I guess this becomes an even more profound truth in our lives if we consider that each new moment is an invitation to recreate ourselves into someone we want to become … and I like the photo above because if we work the metaphor we could say that by practising we light a candle within us and are simultaneously supported and benefitted by those practising around us ……

An Invitation to Carol’s Mitra Ceremony:

This Sunday evening at 5 pm it is Carol’s mitra ceremony at The Sydney Buddhist Centre. It is a beautiful and simple ceremony in which Carol and five other people will publicly formalise their intention to practice as Buddhists within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. It is embedded in a puja which is a devotional chanting practice that expresses a range of things including gratitude to what we call The Three Jewels: The Buddha, his teachings and all those who aspire to follow them. It would be really wonderful if you can come along and share the occasion with Carol! All are welcome and a program with more detail is at the bottom of this email. It is usual to bring a simple gift or card of well wishing but not essential …

An invitation to Duncan’s Book launch:

Tuesday, November 11th 7-8pm. All are warmly invited. It will be a casual affair where Duncan will say a few words about the book & CD and sign copies. Then he’ll play classical guitar for 15-20 minutes. The event will last for about an hour. It’s at the Coogee Croquet Club. There are more details below.

An invitation to hear about and purchase ethical Christmas gifts:

Emma is a woman who has been coming along to the Sydney Buddhist Centre and involved in WEFT; a not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting refugee women from Burma living on the border with Thailand by developing their skills as textile artisans. The fabrics they make are the key to our work and to the freedom and financial well-being of many of these women and their families.’ Emma is going to come and talk to us on the evening of Thursday December 4th and show us things we could consider as ethically produced gifts – so just a heads up if your starting to wonder about Christmas presents.


Thursday 7 – 8.30 pm

Sunday 8 – 9 am

Padmadakini and Dharmalata

Sangha Day Sunday 9th November At the Sydney Buddhist Centre 24 Enmore Rd

Hi Everyone

This year Sangha Day is very special. Not only will this be the first time the young persons group will host an event, we also have a large number of mitra ceremonies and a welcome home for Sagaradhi (ex Janet).

Sangha is an expression of our Dharma practise. We’d like to highlight the many ways we practice by asking people to bring along a Rupa (Buddha statue), or another expression of your Going for Refuge, to be added to the shrine for the day.


Morning (9-12)

Come and hang out with the young sangha for some practice and meditation. We’ll be having morning tea, discussions around the future of spiritual community and friendship, some beautiful ritual, shrine building and lots of other activities. Chilled and open to all ages ;)

Afternoon & Into the Evening (5 onwards)

Finish off the festivities in Newtown with a vivid celebration that includes meditation, a talk on what it means to become a mitra, a welcome home for Sagaradhi, and vibrant mitra ceremonies. The night will finish off with music and food hosted by the young sangha. Please bring a plate to share.

5:00pm - Meditation & Talk - including Sagaradhi’s welcome.

6:00pm - Puja

7:30pm - Sangha Party (Music, Food etc)

PS - Red is the colour of the Sangha jewel, so consider coming decked out in some red clothes to add to the celebration.

Dear Friends,

My book and CD launch is on next Tuesday, November 11th, 7-8pm. I look forward to seeing you there. Please take a minute to read this message about the event.

It will be a casual affair where I’ll say a few words about the book & CD and sign copies. Then I’ll play classical guitar for 15-20 minutes. The event will last for about an hour. It’s at the Coogee Croquet Club.

This launch itself is not a party as such, but those who want to can go out in Coogee for a drink or something to eat afterwards. This part is optional so if you need to leave at 8pm, that’s fine. By the way, the Croquet Club doesn’t sell anything, it’s really just a clubhouse in the park, so if you want to have a drink at the launch it’s BYO.

Retro style – please remember I don’t have credit card or EFTPOS facilities. So any book or CDs purchases will have to be in cash or cheque. You know - like we used to do back in the 20th century!


It’s at the Coogee Croquet Club at Bardon Park, in Bream Street opposite the Coogee Tennis Club and the Bowling Club. Look out for the tennis courts – it’s across the road from them. Parking can take a few minutes so maybe get there a bit early. Here is a map

OK – this is the new book – it’s called The Maelstrom Ascendant. Here’s the cover:

Just like with my last book, The Vortex Winder, it is a novel that comes with a soundtrack album of songs by my rock band Lighthouse XIII. Early reviews have been very favourable!

I’d really appreciate if you can come, as grass roots support is so important in trying to get a new book off the ground.

Please RSVP your intention to attend so I know roughly how many people are coming. Thanks. Look forward to seeing you there.


Here’s the back cover blurb and some early review comments.

Rocker Jimmy Brandt has given up on his dreams. He’s settled down in the suburbs with his girlfriend and cat … until strange forces tempt him back to his former life.

Soon he faces a choice between good and evil - and life is so rewarding when you turn to the dark side.

Flying high again, Jimmy battles divas, despots, and most of all, himself. Yet the higher you fly, the further you can fall. Only an old, forgotten friend can save him. But does he want to be saved?

Jimmy Brandt is the anti-hero for our times, the one we need.

Beck Hartnell, UK Affray.

One of the most original novels I’ve read in years. Full of surprises and dark comedy … a hidden jewel.

J.T. McFlynn, Reprise.

Wow! A fascinating trip into the follies of the 21st century and the human mind … with the music to match.

Stef Hammett, Andromorph.

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