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An Invitation

On Tue, 31 May, 2016 - 09:32
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An invitation

On the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (June 10 - 13) there is a retreat for Coogee and Sydney Buddhist Centre meditators. I would like to encourage you to come along and enjoy this precious opportunity with us. 

It is going to be led by the management team of The Sydney Buddhist Centre and so there will be a lovely variety of colours and dimensions to the retreat with some very experienced and creative order members leading us. 

Below there’s information about the theme that we will explore together:
With winter we enter the season of Amoghasiddhi, the deep green, mysterious Buddha. His wisdom is All-Accomplishing Action, but what does this action mean when his prime time is the depths of night, the animals that escort him are winged mythical beasts and his symbol is a double vajra? And why does he beckon with the gesture of fearlessness? 

In Meeting the Buddhas Vessantara writes: “the double vajra supports the universe. It also forms the deepest pattern in the midnight depths of our own psyche… To understand yourself, in your deepest nature, is to understand the nature of the universe”. Only action based on an appreciation of this common ground where the individual and the universe interpenetrate is truly wise action, truly compassionate.

There is no doubt Amoghasiddhi has vast energy and power. But energy and power is too often ill-spent in the service of craving, hatred and delusion. Virya or ‘energy in pursuit of the good’ arises out of shraddha or our confidence in the path to Awakening. As we experience the unsatisfactory result of the conditions that make up our life - inner and outer - we learn to treasure the Dharma as the way reaching beyond those conditions. 

On this retreat we will evoke and reflect on the precious sources of our inspiration; with these we will enter the darker world of Amoghasiddhi replete with paradox and mystery; and from there, in true Bodhisattva spirit, look toward a deeper sense of integration and connection with ourselves, each other and the world.
Here’s a link if you’d like to book:…

Meditation this week:

Thursday    7 - 8.30   pm

Sunday      8 - 8.50   am

Hope you can join us

Much metta 

Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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