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I forget so easily

On Tue, 11 April, 2017 - 04:20
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We have to work diligently to keep our hearts open, just as we have to work to keep other muscles in the body strong.

—Valerie Mason-John, “Brief Teachings”

Ever since Bodhipaksa’s retreat a few weeks back it feels as though something has shifted in my consciousness. It’s probably to do with self compassion.

The phrase ’We are doing that difficult thing of being a human being’ keeps coming back to me. It’s such a true and such a compassion generating statement; for me but also for all beings.

It’s not easy to live a really happy, healthy human life. Another of our order, Aryadharma, a beautiful natured artist who lives here in Sydney spoke once in a workshop he was running of making one’s life a work of art ……… I love that idea

But I need to be reminded because I forget so easily. The torrent of conditioning and habit that has made me who I am sweeps me along incessantly …….. I so need to find the quiet, still place

And ………. if you want to join some of us for a talk by Ajahn Brahm on April 24th out at Homebush click on the link below.…

hope you can meditate this week

Thursday  7 - 8.30 pm
Sunday    8 - 8.50 am

Much metta
Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini


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