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The Hundredth Blow

On Tue, 18 November, 2014 - 01:52
dharmalata's picture
If you smash a rock ninety nine times and nothing happens does it mean that the hundredth blow being the one that finally splits it is responsible?

Of course not and so it is with meditation. It is the regular, mostly unspectacular practice that will establish the conditions for deep, sustained and beautiful change in our consciousness.

The regular sitting practice that we can manage will have a gently cumulative effect that will gradually set you up for change that is, at times, so wonderful and transformative that you are likely to be very emotionally moved.

But we don’t go looking for these breakthrough experiences …… we just quietly and steadily get on with practice … as much as we can manage and regularly

These practices you have learnt as part of our meditation group are profound practices …..

Hope you can join us

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