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How come it's a challenge to keep up a meditation practice?

On Tue, 28 April, 2015 - 12:57
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There’s so much out there about why we should meditate

Here’s some good stuff to listen to sent this week by Izzy

And yet it’s a real challenge to set up a regular practice even when we accept that it’s so good for us and so conducive to happiness and contentment

So I want to encourage you to keep your aspiration to meditate alive. Have a kindly and patient attitude but don’t let yourself off the hook. Here are some tips:

Make a time each day and try to stick to it
Keep your meditations to a time frame that is realistic given the conditions of your life
Look for the subtle beauty in meditation
Meditate with others regularly

And a great support for meditation are retreats and we’re having one in June 

June 19 – 21 at our Buddhist Community’s Retreat Centre

To book just follow this link;…

You are very welcome and it will be a lovely opportunity to spend time grounding your meditation amongst like minded friends

Hope you can join us this week 

Thursday         7 – 8.30 pm 

Sunday         8 – 8.50 am

Padmadakini and Dharmalata

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