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The Hour Before Dawn

On Tue, 4 March, 2014 - 02:51
Dhammalata's picture
I’ve started setting my alarm for 5 am

I meditate for about 45 minutes and then do an hour of guitar practice before starting to get ready to go to work ……

I used to do my guitar practice first but I decided that I had my priorities wrong.

And I’m loving it – a Buddhist friend once spoke to me of the hour before the sun gets up – the hour in which an archetypal Buddha by the name of Vajrasattva dwells …… The world is still and one has the opportunity to contact one’s own being and drop down deep …….

And I’m someone who traditionally loves to get their 8 hours sleep a night ……

Taking the initiative along with Padmadakini for our Thursday night meditation classes in Coogee has boosted my meditation practice and I am feeling quite inspired by the gentle insight and contentment that arises in dependence on it.

If we can develop momentum in our personal practice we will experience our life change. It’s not always easy as we see into our habits more and more clearly but it is deeply gratifying as we ground ourselves more and more into a real relationship with our own being.

I encourage you to work at and commit to your own private practice – be realistic about what you can manage (ideally on a daily basis) and then challenge yourself to stick to it.

I hope you can make it this Thursday night for the Mindfulness of Breathing Practice

Much Metta

Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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