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Honour your intention and stay in touch with your inspiration

On Mon, 4 November, 2013 - 22:35
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Hi There

Meditation tip for this week

Honour your intention and stay in touch with your inspiration

Something got you interested in meditation. Maybe it was the painful ending of a relationship, maybe a general emptiness or malaise in life, perhaps anger issues or illness or perhaps it was the warmth and radiance suggested in things you’ve read about, heard or seen to do with meditation……

The point is something got you interested and you’ve given it a go. Hopefully your confidence that meditation does offer you something very positive is still alive and kicking even though at times it gets buried in the hum and whir of competing agendas in your life.

I have wanted to play guitar well for decades but it is only now that there is a consistency to my practice – It’s taken a long time for the aspiration to gain enough momentum and assert itself amongst the competing agendas I buy into and play with in my life.

Just as I can’t experience the pleasure and gratification of playing a song sweetly until I put in the time developing a real relationship and knowledge of the instrument and music one can’t experience the magic and beauty of a life lived mindfully and kindly until one gets to know one’s mind and its relationship to self and other deeply ….. I believe meditation is a very, very good way to do this

So don’t ever give up on your intention and look for ways to stay in touch with your inspiration to meditate:

  • Meditate with others
  • Commit to regularity
  • Make a simple and pretty place / shrine that has appeal to come and sit in (flowers, photograph of a loved one, warm blanket, nice cup of tea at your side, incense)
  • Do what you can manage time wise without overloading yourself
  • Use a meditation CD if they work for you
  • Find the best time of day for you and put an ongoing reminder into your diary
  • Forgive yourself immediately if you miss a sit but tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow
Hope you can make it on Thursday night

Biggest metta ever


PS: See Plug below for our Urban Retreat starting this Saturday

Here’s a link to inspire you! Click on Vajragupta’s film clip at the top of the page

Two Things to let you know about:

  1. Dharma study this Sunday 9 – 10.30 am at Gina’s and my place (let me know if you would like to join this group
  2. Urban Retreat that the order we belong to is running and starts on Saturday (sorry about the late notice!) These are a creative response to the challenge many of us find with getting onto retreats with our busy urban lives. This will be the first one I’ve done so if you do it we’ll be on retreat together! All the details are below. You can log on and join up any time you like but it’d be cool if you let me know you’re doing it
Blazing Like the Sun


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