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Holding Things Lightly

On Tue, 30 June, 2015 - 10:19
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Holding things lightly is a phrase you often hear around Buddhist and meditation circles. So what do I mean when I use it?

Try as I might to control situations and outcomes I can’t. I may be able to have an influence but in the longer run life is complex and reality will assert itself in ways that I can’t possibly predict or determine (thank goodness!).

So the more we can cultivate a kindly and patient wisdom in our being the more we will be able to move and shift with life as it moves and shifts. 

As this equanimity becomes stronger and more present in our consciousness the more we can engage with every situation life brings to us with sensitivity, courage and creativity. 

To me this is ‘dancing lightly with life’

Meditation is the very best means of cultivating this sort of mind

Hope you can join us for meditation this week:

Thursday      7 – 8.30 pm

Sunday         8 – 8.50 am

PS: Please see the invitation below from Carin – our wonderful cook on our recent retreat 

”I was wondering if you’d like to share with your meditation group that my room is up for rent during the time I am in Europe (18 July- 18 Sept) and perhaps someone would like to do a meditation retreat for themselves here in Wentworth Falls? In the beautiful nature and peaceful quiet. It doesn’t have to be for the whole period, even a week, or so, can be good. Let me know and I can send you more details and photos, if it’s inappropriate for your communication with them, I totally understand. I just thought your kind of people I would love to welcome to my yummy home and they’d appreciate and enjoy it.’

$200 per week and you’d be sharing the house with her partner Verna who works in Sydney during the day.Photos attached to the email and she can send you more. 

Her email is 

galasorganickitchen [at]

PPS: Also attached are the recipes Carin cooked for us on the retreat and she’d welcome your constructive feedback

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