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Have you thought about living in a Buddhist Community?

On Wed, 6 July, 2016 - 07:56
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Hi there Coogee Meditators

Please pardon my indulgence at taking up this week’s email with a plug but at breakfast time this morning we decided we would be happy to make our community a mixed community; men and women. So if it sounds like something you’d be interested in read on ……. 

Meditation is on this week as usual:

Thursday   7 - 8.30 pm

Sunday      8 - 8.50 am

Padmakini and Dharmalata

Have you thought about living in a Buddhist Community?

Sangharakshita, my Buddhist teacher encourages communal living. Why?  Well I think it’s because he sees it as a potent way to support our growth and development as individuals. To live in community is to be both challenged and supported by friendship and like-minded people.

We’ve formed a community here in Coogee based on the Buddhist precepts of non-harming and the cultivation of wisdom. It’s called Jayakula, which means abode or place of overcoming or victory. We’d like it to be a place where people can live and grow together in harmony and really enjoy themselves along the way.

In sympathy with traditional Buddhist teachings you can choose to meditate with us each morning (or at any time of the day or night in our meditation room), we’re vegetarian and don’t consume intoxicants. 

So if you’d like to know more about Jayakula and those of us who live there feel free to contact me. We’re just a short walk to beach, cafes and public transport

With Kindness

Dharmalata (an ordained member of The Triratna Buddhist Community)

coogeemeditation [at]

0425 201 209

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