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Gardening our Mind

On Tue, 3 December, 2013 - 22:56
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Dear Coogee Meditators

A couple of thoughts I’ve had this last week around meditation practice – not all my own original thoughts (if there is such a thing anyway) but rather musings on teachings in the Buddhist tradition and my own experience with them:

  • Meditation is like creating a beautiful garden of your own mind. A garden is cultivated and grows with the right conditions; good soil, water, weeding, planting the right seeds, fertilising and for some (including me) talking nicely to the plants as they do their thing. Okay you may think it too much to talk nicely to them but heh, it’s a neat metta practice and who knows…….. Anyway following the analogy through our minds are just the same. What we feed them with, how we weed them and fertilise them, how we tend them makes a world of difference to the quality, robustness and happiness of our mind. Buddhist teaching actually says that the state of our mind determines the experience of life that we have. Meditation is probably the most direct way we can ‘garden our minds’ and it can’t be rushed or hurried. To continually keep pulling up a plant to see how the roots are doing won’t help at all so we need to be patient, do the practice and slowly, over time enjoy the growth ….
  • Everything is practice. There is nothing, no situation, no challenge we face that is not an opportunity to grow and develop. It is all about how we interpret what happens and our response to it that determines whether it will be about our heart and mind opening toward wisdom and kindness or just a problem and a hassle
I hope you can join us for the Metta Bhavana practice this Thursday night 7 – 8.30 pm

Dharma study is on this Sunday at Gina’s and my place with Padmadakini, myself and Nagasuri (one of our other sydney women order members who is doing a guest ‘drop in’). If you are interested in joining this study group please email me or talk to Padmadakini or I on Thursday night

May the rain of the Dharma grow you more and more fully into who you most deeply aspire to be

Wellness and happiness


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