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Do we make the kindness?

On Mon, 15 August, 2016 - 23:20
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Do we make the kindness?

I’ve had subtle development in my understanding of the traditional Buddhist meditation practice known as the Metta Bhavana (Cultivation of Loving Kindness).

It’s been underlined by the collective practice we’ve been doing at our order’s Men’s Convention over here at Adhisthana; our headquarters based in the beautiful Malvern Hills in the UK.

I’ve been under the impression that when we sit down and turn our mind toward kindness to self and other we are sort of generating kindness and positivity within ourselves, toward ourselves and then out toward others. It’s as though in turning my mind toward myself and others and I am bringing kindness into being. But I’m coming to see this is a limited and perhaps incorrect view. What we really need to do in the practice is just quieten down, reflect on our own aspiration to be well and happy and really just let that sink in. 

To really be with ourselves and others in a very open and receptive way we quite naturally come to see that life is precious and valued by all. We may see ourselves and others in a whole variety of different emotional and mental states (which are constantly changing) but a compassionate response will organically emerge if we take the time to just look at our lives from a quiet and mindful place. 

Because underneath all of the striving, confusion, excitement and whatever else arises is the quiet hum of life wanting to exist happily and contentedly. And this is the same for every living being. So the practice of kindness is to see, contact and cultivate the conditions that support this flow of metta that is there if only we would be present with it. 

So the universe runs on metta, the warm current of life that vibrates with care for self and other. In the practice we perhaps need to just be receptive enough to make contact with this rather than try to hard to generate it ourselves ……

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Much metta

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