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Creating a Quiet and Friendly Place in our Experience

On Tue, 16 July, 2013 - 05:57
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Trying to take the jargon out of meditation I think you can say that it’s consciously creating a quiet, friendly space in our life.

There is something deeply good for us in simply stepping out of the relentless whirl of existence and just experiencing stillness. This can take the form of going for a walk, taking time to watch the waves crash on the shore or going for a run.

All of these things allow us to stop and regain perspective. I guess that’s why we need holidays; a time to just be with ourselves and the things we enjoy doing.

Meditation is a means of coming more fully into our experience, of stopping and re-collecting ourselves. By bringing our attention to our breath we create the conditions for our mind to calm down and be more fully present with ourselves and others. This can be powerfully and beautifully experienced on retreat when we step out of our usual distractions and responsibilities and, aided by meditation, drop down deeply into the rich and creative realm of our own being.

It’s not about becoming removed and isolated from life but about engaging with it far more consciously, joyfully and fearlessly.

The metta (kindness) practice is a wonderful complementary practice to the breathing practice and allows us, over time, to meet every situation we find ourselves in with an expansive and friendly attitude.

I will always be encouraging you to develop your own private practice in addition to the group meditations on Thursday nights – even just a few minutes every day or second day will make a world of difference to your experience of life!

Hope you can make it this Thursday and please feel free to email me back with any questions.

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