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On Wed, 9 August, 2017 - 02:01
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Wherever the one rain reaches all become fresh and glossy according as their bodies, forms and natures are. Great or small, so the enriching rain though it is one the same makes each of them flourish

The Buddha - Parable of the Rain Cloud

Something that’s always had strong appeal for me is The Buddha’s teaching that his dharma, the truth he realised and shared, will cause each one of us to grow into a unique expression of our potentiality: no Buddha clones!

As we practice meditation and ethics we, the grubby mirror, are slowly cleaned and the light and clarity of being illuminates everything, allowing us to plot a beautiful and unpredictable path.

So you can ……

Come and meditate with us and / or come on retreat with us this weekend and look at the sutta the above quote comes from

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Much metta

Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini

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