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Cleaning Windows

On Mon, 15 July, 2019 - 06:38
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Window Cleaning

I had a cataract operation this week. Amazing! Under a local anaesthetic they do a micro incision to your eye, break up your old foggy lens, suck it out and replace it. Eye patch on and out you walk.

The following day the surgeon takes off the eye patch and hey presto - bright, clear vision through a new windscreen and the colours and clarity almost surreal ……..

Gratitude to modern medicine and a dharma teaching to boot.

The dharma uses the metaphor of a dirty window or mirror to illustrate the need to purify the way we view the world. Through the practice of meditation and ethics we start to see reality more and more clearly. When the lens in my eye through which I take in the world is clear I see detail and colours that I could not previously see. In the same way when we clear our mind of delusions, ill will and craving we are put in touch with the extraordinary in the ordinary ….. life becomes richer, more vivid and the subtle nuances of existence are appreciated and savoured. 

The world has not changed but how we experience it is profoundly changed ……. for the better of …..

Come meditate with us ……. clear the lens of your mind

Come window cleaning with us …..

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Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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