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Christmas Eve

On Tue, 24 December, 2013 - 13:22
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Hi Coogee Meditators

Okay, it’s seven minutes to midnight on Christmas Eve and I want to send this today to honour my resolution to get these out on Tuesdays …..

What’s meditation got to do with Christmas?

  • Use it to find spaces amidst the potential indulgence and busy-ness

  • Use metta to open your heart to others

  • Start Christmas day with metta toward all those you’ll physically interact with on the day and every other being in the world

  • If things are getting ‘stressy’ go off into your in-laws guest bathroom and do a three minute breathing practice

  • Use metta and mindfulness to really open up to others and listen to them rather than imposing your self on the conversation/s

  • Stay mindful and clear even if lots of others aren’t – it’s often a day when it’s a rich challenge to hold onto your individuality and deeper aspirations

Much metta

And yes, there will be Boxing Day meditation at The Croquet Club on Thursday 7 – 8.30 pm

Mindfulness of Breathing

Love to see you there

Much metta

A happy and mindful Christmas


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