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The Bunnings Meet-up

On Tue, 20 March, 2018 - 06:39
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Twice lately I’ve randomly met up with a fella from our Coogee meditation group in the aisles of Randwick Bunnings. It’s not surprising as I practically live there …… always getting odds and sods for the properties I take responsibility for. 

But it’s somehow a bit weird because I’m meeting them in such a different context to the
quiet, friendly oasis where we meditate at the croquet club and it feels as though slightly different rules might apply. Is it okay to call him brother and give him a hug or is that inappropriate in the practical, day to day world of door stoppers, paint tins and power tools?

Does he even want to be recognised and approached outside of the meditative world and who am I to him when I don’t have my kesa on and am not settling onto a meditation cushion?

But another part of me says ‘I don’t want to have any separation amongst the different components of my life. I want to live with freedom, integrity and fearlessness wherever I find myself.’ This illusory construct I call me, can be alive, responsive and friendly in every single context I find myself in. And as I walk back out to my car I reflect on what a continuing practice it is to me to walk my talk, continue to polish the mirror and be, as the Buddha’s metta sutta exhorts me to be, ’straight forward and upright, perfectly upright!’

Hope you can meditate with us

Thursday  7 - 8 pm

Sunday    8 - 9 am


Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini

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