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A Bundle of Habits with a Name and an Address

On Tue, 15 October, 2013 - 07:41
Dhammalata's picture

Dear Coogee Meditator

My Buddhist teacher has described human beings as ‘A bunch of habits with a name and an address’ - it’s both amusing and insightful I think. He has gone on further to say (partly in jest) that unfortunately we are often mostly bad habits…….

Well the good news is that meditation is one of the very effective ways to support the development of good habits and train ourselves toward a way of living that is happily in harmony with the way life actually is.

Mindfulness combined with positive emotion prepares us for anything life serves up and allows us to work with it with increasing patience and creativity.

Even meditation needs to be a habit that we establish.

Our Thursday night meditation sessions are designed to establish, develop and support an individual’s meditation practice so please do come along and join us.

This week we will be doing the mindfulness of breathing practice

Much metta

Dharmalata and Padmadakini

PS: I’ve attached a Flyer for our first retreat that runs across the weekend October 25 – 27th. If you are interested and would like more information please let me know by return email. Or simply register your interest with the Sydney Buddhist Centre using the details provided on the flyer

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