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A 90th Birthday Celebration

On Tue, 25 August, 2015 - 04:17
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On Wednesday this week Sangharakshita – the founder of our Buddhist Order turns 90

So there’s a special puja at the Sydney Buddhist Centre this Wednesday night and then more celebrations at our retreat centre over the weekend. 

I’ve attached a link here so that you can read more if you are interested.

I will be going out to Vijayaloka on either Friday night or Saturday day

Meditation will be on as per usual this week:

Thursday     7 – 8.30 pm     

Sunday         8 – 8.50 am

And here’s a lovely share from Amanda this week:

This week I wanted to share with you a story about how, yes, enlightenment is in fact a non-stick frying pan!!

How so?

Well a few years ago I was honoured to spend some time with a Thai Buddhist monk, who was super funny and lots of fun. He would walk around the monastery with his big black cat called Bill, using all sorts of toys and props to explain in an entertaining way about the mind, suffering, life, love, peace, meditation etc.

I remember one talk, he walked into a room with aluminium foil wrapped around his head in the shape of antennas and a toy helicopter flew into the room, which he controlled with a remote control, as it zoomed over everyone’s heads.  

So it came as no surprise, when after a long day of talks and meditation, he asked the group finally

“Sooooo, ma friends, you tell me, after all this chit chat, what is enlightenment?” Everyone was silent.

He then smiled and pulled out a non-stick frying pan from behind his back! and simply said…..

“Yes, ma friends,This.Is.Enlightenment…..Non-stick fry pan…noooo?”       

At this point we just burst into laughter, how could a non-stick frying pan be enlightenment? 

The monk proceeded to explain. He said “You are the non-stick frying pan, s*** comes into your pan, but it do not stick, it just slide out. When you are a non-stick fry pan, you just observe what comes into your pan, you do not get attached or upset by what comes, you simply observe, let it be and let it slide right out of your beautiful pan, this is Enlightenment.” 

It was such a simple yet wonderful explanation of the state of enlightenment, which we can all achieve in our lives.

The monk proceeded to then explain ” But non-stick fry pan…to simple…yes…to boring…yes? So people think non-stick fry pan need some colour, need some action, need some rituals, habits, prayers.”        

At this point he started to throw colourful chocolate Easter eggs into the fry pan, explaining “We cover up the essence of who we truly are, the enlightened stillness underneath, with rituals, thoughts, habits, beliefs,cravings, aversions, cultures, religions, dogma etc. We allow all this stuff to stick in our non-stick frying pan, we become attached to the “stuff” in our non-stick frying pan, causing ourselves much suffering, confusion, pain, loss etc. Ma friends, please remember to be a non-stick frying pan! Learn to clean your pan regularly with meditation!.”

So on that note, that lesson from my favourite Thai monk has stuck with me ever since. I wanted to share his story with you today, to remind you, that your enlightened state of being, the stillness underneath all of your “stuff” is there, silently observing whatever comes into your pan. Its up to you whether you choose to let it stick or slide from your pan.

Wishing you a peaceful and blessed week of love, light and non-stick fry panning!! :-)

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