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This week's eBook give away - The Body

On Mon, 22 June, 2020 - 14:21
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The high streets are waking from their slumber, and we’re anticipating further easing of the lockdown. There are many questions; is it safe, when will travel be possible, when can I spend time with friends and loved ones in person again, what will happen with work and the economy?

Like many others I’ve also been involved in conversations about race and the growing anti-racism movement. I’ve been thinking about my own place and what I can do, exploring my conditioning, and listening to others speaking about their experiences around race. 
It’s all stirring. My mind has been racing here and there anticipating, preparing, and going over strong images from the media. 
This week we’re giving away a short book by Paramananda, the second in the Art of Meditation series. It’s called The Body, and it will be available to download free here until 6 July. 
Paramananda’s approach to meditation enables a kind and grounded experience of the body in its physical sensations and its imaginal feel. He has been working with embodied approaches in practice for a long time, and this embodiment includes being part of and belonging to the world. 
The book is beautifully written – you can expect a poetic sensibility. And its exercises offer pointers on how to play, investigate, and become simpler and richer in your relation to experience. Reading it again this week, I’ve found what he offers on abdominal breathing, posture, relaxation, aliveness and stability a great resource for calm, connection and courage. 
As part of his most recent book The Myth of Meditation, he recorded led meditations that you can access here.

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