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Transference of Merit and Self Surrender- Turning Arrows into Flowers: Day 7

On Thu, 21 May, 2020 - 15:40
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Coming to the end of the ‘Transforming Arrows into Flowers’ Home retreat, it is always useful to dwell on any benefits you have received from the week. Perhaps you would like to make a few changes to your life – such as less time checking your emails; or ‘doing nothing’ for ten minutes each day. You may wish to write these down and keep them by your bed or on your fridge as a reminder. Telling other people can also be helpful – so they can remind you if you forget!

Remembering that we can dedicate our practice to all living beings you may wish to finish the week with a ritual of Transference of Merit and Self-Surrender (the last section in the Sevenfold Puja)

Do let us know how you have found the retreat.

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