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A Rose-Apple Tree Experience – #buddhaday

On Sun, 10 May, 2020 - 10:04
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And, a final #buddhaday treat for you all…

Sangharakshita tells us that the Enlightenment of the Buddha isn’t cold and detached, but sees everything as beautiful because it sees with a mind and heart of Metta.

For our International Buddha Day celebration, Subhadramati evokes this aspect of the Enlightenment by telling a story of a pivotal moment in the Buddha’s life, which precedes the dawning of his enlightenment experience, where he recollects a memory of sitting beneath a rose-apple tree in his youth. She beautifully unfolds the significance of this story, weaving it together with an extract from a poem written by Seamus Heaney which echoes the Buddha’s memory.

Subhadramati ends by inviting us to look for wholesome pleasure and delight in our dharma life, and to deepen into it.

To listen to and download the audio of this talk click here.

+ to see all of our buddha day dharma, and to watch back the full programme and on YouTube here.

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Hi Akasajoti

I think that the whole team at and whomever else was involved deserve congratulating on pulling off the pan-Triratna Buddha Day celebrations. Thank you.