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Reflections on Upekkha - Being Divine Online home retreat

On Tue, 28 April, 2020 - 11:21
Maitrisiddhi's picture

Hi everyone, thought I’d share one way in which I enjoy approaching equanimity.  I’ve been really enjoying listening to Ratnavandana’s material and feeling quite inspired by the ‘great tree of the Brahma Viharas’.  

Ratnavandana and I would have been running ’Living in the Mandala: The Brahma Viharas’ retreat at Taraloka this very week (April 2020) - I’m so pleased it can happen in another form.      

love Maitrisiddhi

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Ratnavandana's picture

Another truly insghtful and beautiful offering from you Maitrisiddhi - as with the others, it allows us to have an experience of the Brahma Vihara you are talking about,  in this case Equanimity which is a precious thing.  Thank you.  X