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Reflections on Mudita - Being Divine Online home retreat

On Mon, 27 April, 2020 - 11:04
Maitrisiddhi's picture

Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying your explorations of the Brahma Viharas - I am!  Here’s a few of my reflections on Mudita.  Somehow I feel like this is the Brahma Vihara I always forget about, and every time I rediscover it, I find it so delightful I wonder why! 

Ratnavandana and I would have been running ’Living in the Mandala: The Brahma Viharas’ retreat at Taraloka this very week (April 2020) - I’m so pleased it can happen in another form.      

love Maitrisiddhi 

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Sadayasihi's picture

Thanks Maitrisiddhi! I found this delightful to watch - and lovely to see the field of dandelions and to hear the birds chirping and the bees buzzing!  I’ve also been reflecting on the how to allow space for joy to arise in the amidst of suffering so I found what you had to say about one not cancelling out the other very helpful 🙏

Ratnavandana's picture

You really brought Mudita alive Maitrisiddhi, your being, your words and the dandelions. Its such a gloriously expansive quality isn’t it, my heart feels expanded and joyous just listening to you.  Thank you.

LBailey's picture

This was so delightful. 

thank you 🙏🏻 

SandySt's picture

Lovely to be able to see and hear you and the dandelions, Maitrisiddhi!  Your joy is really contagious, as I feel mudita is.  I really get what you say about not feeling guilty about being joyful when there is suffering in the world.  Thank you.

wendys's picture

Thank you, I am grateful to be reminded that joy and sorrow/pain do not need to cancel each other out, that they can exist together without guilt. This is always important but especially so at the moment.