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Reflections from Akasajoti and Varadhi - Turning Arrows into Flowers: Day 6

On Wed, 20 May, 2020 - 11:01
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Here’s a delightful conversation between friends: Akasajoti, based in London, UK and the recently ordained Varadhi, in Melbourne, Australia!

Akasajoti and Varadhi explore their favourite mind-training slogans – ‘of the two witnesses, hold the principal one’ and ‘liberate yourself by examining and analysing’ – looking at how empowering it can be to bring greater honesty and self-awareness into their lives.

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vajrabhadri's picture

Thanx Sadayasihi for sharing this lovely chat…plenty of food for thought about having confidence to trust ones own deepening practice in an authentic and honest way. D🙏🌈🌹