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Personal Reflections from the Week - Sailing the Worldly Winds Home Retreat

On Fri, 10 April, 2020 - 19:21
kusaladevi's picture

It’s been quite a busy week for me - I started two new jobs in the last three weeks and have had various deadlines this week. But despite that, I have still enjoyed and benefited greatly from the Home Retreat. Thinking about Vajragupta’s reflections has given me a very particular focus to my Dharma practice this week, and helped me to feel much more spacious within a time when the Worldly winds were sometimes blowing quite strongly! 

I often feel that I’d like to reflect on the Dharma in a more focussed way, so to have such a great theme and some thoughtful material to help has been a real treat. 

I also loved the experience of Sangha during Vajragupta’s Q&A - scrolling through and seeing faces I knew and some I didn’t, but all in our homes, tuning in together, a Sangha. I was surprised that the feeling of Sangha could translate so strongly through a Zoom call.

I imagine that a number of others have benefited in this way from the retreat, around the world and I feel moved that we have these resources to draw on, at a time when life feels quite unstable. 

I would love it if more and more people could access these home retreats and experience the online Sangha we can create together. 

If you have benefited too from this week and would like to donate, so that we may offer more retreats to more people in the future, then please do! 

If you’re able to and you would enjoy doing it, you could give regularly, or a one off gift, to help us to keep bringing the Dharma to more people in their homes at this time.

Of course, we understand that some people are unable to give, especially at this uncertain time and that is fine! We want to be able to offer our resources freely and ask those who can to support us to continue this.

Thank you! 🙏🏻

Our next retreat, Being Divine Online (Meditations on Love), will begin on April 24.

If you can, donate and help us reach more people like you.

Make a regular gift and we can build a Toolkit Team for the future.

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