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A musical prayer to the Buddhas

On Tue, 24 November, 2020 - 13:46
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A fellow Buddhist called Sherab Sengge (also known as Peter Campbell-Kelly), practicing in a Tibetan tradition, offers this video of himself playing a sublime piece of music on solo violin. He describes it as “a musical prayer to the Buddhas for the well-being of all, in this desperately difficult pandemic…“.

To go with the performance he also wrote the following poem:


Our songs of sadness touch
The dry-deep scars of earth

And on this peaty path
a lichened branch
Cuts clean through the heart

And people lie dying
And people die weeping

And the waters ripple slow
And the sun lasts down and down

And the curlew throws free
Her liturgy of fiery love 

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kathlloyd's picture

Thank you for this divine offering Sherab Sengge.

May this pandemic swiftly pass and the Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas shower bright blessings to soothe and heal the world.

May you be happy and well.

🙏 💦 🌿

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How beautiful. I found out a bit more about him:

Peter Campbell-Kelly is part of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (UK) and a Buddhist in the Tibetan Sakya lineage. His Dharma name, Sherab Sengge, means ‘Lion of Wisdom’ in Tibetan. He says: ‘I just wanted to pass on this little film I made recently. It is a musical prayer to the Buddhas for the well-being of all, in this desperately difficult pandemic.’