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Making Our Whole Life a Life of Practice - Turning Arrows into Flowers: Day 4

On Mon, 18 May, 2020 - 08:02
Sadayasihi's picture

Day 4, point 4 of our home retreat looks at what it means to integrate this kind of mind training work into every area of our lives using reflection on 5 forces (or “powers”). Yashobodhi also movingly evokes the relevance of such deep Dharma activity to the process of our own (and other people’s) death…

“You might think about like, the strength of or the power of a hammer hitting a nail…But you could also think about power, force as something that is quite subtle..there’s an incredible power in, for instance, the growing of a tree or the growing of grass.”

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vajrabhadri's picture

Great talk Yashobodhi about trying to make every moment of every day count…off to mindfully brush my teeth now,lol🙏🌈🌹