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On Thu, 16 April, 2020 - 14:23
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To help people deal with the stress and anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been offering a 28-day meditation course online: Finding Calm and Balance in a Crisis

The course includes 28 guided meditations, recorded specially for the course, accompanied by a short reading. The readings and meditations are delivered to you daily by email.

So far more than 1,300 people have signed up for the course. But there’s always room for more!

Click here to enroll in the meditation course.

With love,

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Good job Bodhipaksa!
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Thanks, Nagesvara.

We’re coming up for 1,400 participants now, which is excellent, although of course it would be good to reach more people.

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I’m enjoying these short guided meditations which I do to take a break from my studies. I find them very appropriate and helpful to the times :-). I use some of the ideas in my own teaching nowadays. I especially find the soft and de-focused eyes very effective.

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Thanks for your kind comment, Nagesvara. Having soft and defocused eyes is central to my practice and teaching. If you have time to check out the Dhyana workshop I posted yesterday, you’ll see how I use this as a starting point for cultivating all the Dhyana factors. The meditations are also a bit longer 🙂