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Covid Emergency in India: A Home Retreat Appeal (The Dharma Toolkit Daily, Episode 10)

On Sat, 4 April, 2020 - 00:12
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I confess, when I sat down to record this podcast yesterday I somehow didn’t expect it to have the impact it did. I’d seen all the news stories, shaken my head, wondered at how human beings can meet such complex, painful realities as what’s unfolding in India right now. But here they were - my friends - talking about what I can do about it. What you can do too. 

We’re spending a week - in whatever ways we can manage - with the Home Retreat. In this case, the Worldly Winds we’re all trying to sail through are blowing strong. More like a hurricane. More like a typhoon. A lot like a disaster. Make no mistake, we all have troubles right now. But still, this…

When we talked it over in the Toolkit team this morning, it seemed clear. We don’t want just to honour the best in our global community in all the ways of this particular space: meditation, Dharma, friendship, inspiration. We want to make sure our own practice – our own sense of what resources look like - is shot through with a sense of giving and generosity. For the sake of all beings. And for our own wellbeing. 

And so, an emergency appeal from us to you, dear friends. Will you help?

The humanitarian crisis unfolding in India is of a scale that can seem overwhelming. It is understandable that, in the midst of our own undoubted trouble, we may wish to turn away. Perhaps we may even feel a sense of hopelessness. But when you listen to our guests from the Karuna Trust and the India Dhamma Trust, the moral force of their work is itself a bright example of the best kind of human response to suffering. 

Working with 50+ NGOs on the ground in India and Nepal, the Karuna Trust has set itself the aim of raising £200,000 in 6 weeks. This money will enable local people to alleviate immediate food shortages affecting 300-400 million day-labourers left without work or money after the sudden lockdown. In this episode, we hear about amazing work going on in densely packed slums right now that you could support from wherever you are. And how your donation will bolster the longterm planning that’s already happening to set up conditions for dealing with the aftermath of it all. Help Karuna’s partners in India rebuild broken lives.

If you do one thing this weekend, please hear this appeal marked by proper urgency and surprising hope. Witness how we can all make a difference, even when things are as tough as they are. 


Give now to the Karuna Trust and help some of the poorest people in India

Donate to the India Dhamma Trust and their work to support the highest dignity and freedom for all

Support FutureDharma: transforming lives around the world

Listen to an episode about new Dalit leadership initiatives in South India


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