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Courageous Conversations About Race: A series curated by Vimalasara

On Fri, 17 July, 2020 - 15:04
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Courageous Conversations About Race: A series curated by Vimalasara

The First Conversation - Saturday 25th July 2020

USA PST 09:00-11:00 | México 11:00-13:00 | USA  EST 12:00-14:00 | IE & UK 17:00-19:00 | India 21:30-23:30

Questions will be invited from the audience. These panel discussions are open to the whole of the Triratna Community and to all who wish to attend.

There will also be a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter at this event.

Reserve a Space and find more details on our Events page

A series of 3 discussions curated by Vimalasara where members of the Triratna Buddhist Order will be talking about race from their personal experience. Join Vimalasara and a number of panelists: Amaragita, Danadasa, Nandaraja, Padmadhara, Singhashri, Sujiva, Suryagupta, Viveka for the first conversation, with BIPOC/BAME Order Members

These conversations have been inspired by the recent uprisings against systemic and structural racism and the impact this has had on our Triratna Buddhist communities around the world. They are also a continuation of recent talks rooted in friendship between Viveka and Paramananda, and between Suryagupta and Subhuti (Part One can be found here and Part two here on Youtube)

This event is in association with the International Triratna BIPOC/BAME Teaching Kula and supported by Buddhafield Festival. 

More Conversations to come in the following weeks - keep an eye out here and on the Live Events page for more details


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