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Closing the Being Divine Online home retreat

On Fri, 1 May, 2020 - 17:01
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We hope you have enjoyed Being Divine Online with us this week! 

The retreat ended with this beautiful song by Ratnavandana, which retreatants sing together at the end of her Brahma Viharas retreats.

Thank you so much to Ratnavandana for supplying us with these fantastic resources around the Brahma Viharas, for sharing her practice and experience so fully and for her wonderful evocation and explanation of the Divine Abodes in the Q & A where 138 of us gathered together.

Look out too for a Special Podcast edition with Ratnavandana, out soon!

We’ve had some great feedback throughout the week from people who have benefited from the wonderful resources from Ratnavandana on the Being Divine Online Home Retreat and the Additional resources on the Community Toolkit. 

I’m struggling to articulate just how much I feel I’ve gained from the practice and resources this week. The Brahma Viharas have been an area of practice that I’ve often come across but never delved into, this week has been a perfect introduction and a wonderful foundation for me to build on. Many, many thanks.

A big thanks to Taraloka for their generous contributions - it has been beautiful seeing Maitrisiddhi in the surrounding environment of Taraloka sharing her reflections and inspiration around practising the Brahma Viharas. 

We know that many of you have been joining in with your Sanghas, from places such as Cambridge, Bristol and Nottingham and that many more of you have been joining the community here online to connect in that way. Read the reflections from the Cambridge Sangha on their experience of the week.

Really loving these talks and reflections from Ratnavandana. What an incredible resource to have at this time. Thank you!

However you have used the resources this week, we really hope that dwelling in love and having a sense of community online have benefited your Dharma practice at this time. Please do let us know here how you have found the week, we’d love to hear from you.

We would love it if more and more people could access these home retreats and experience the online Sangha we can create together. 

If you have benefited too from this week and would like to donate, so that we may offer more retreats to more people in the future, then please do! 

If you’re able to and you would enjoy doing it, you could give regularly, or a one off gift, to help us to keep bringing the Dharma to more people in their homes at this time.

Of course, we understand that some people are unable to give, especially at this uncertain time and that is fine. We want to be able to offer our resources freely and ask those who can to support us to continue this.

Thank you! 🙏🏻

Our next retreat, Turning Arrows into Flowers (On the Seven-Point Mind Training), will begin on May 15th. Keep an eye on the Home Retreat section on the Dharma Toolkit

If you can, donate and help us reach more people like you.

Make a regular gift and we can build a Toolkit Team for the future.


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