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Public Preceptor Appointments for India

On Thu, 30 September, 2021 - 10:18
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Dear Order Members

The College of Public Preceptors is delighted to announce the appointment of four Public Preceptors: Abhayadana and Vijaya from Nagpur, and Abhayavati and Shubhajaya from Pune; all from India. These are especially significant appointments as there have been no Indian women Public Preceptors active in the College since Jnanasuri and Karunamaya each retired for health reasons (although they, and Srimala, continue to support the situation).

Abhayadana worked for 20 years as project leader for an Ashavaghosha project, spreading the teaching of the Buddha, Dr Ambedkar, and Bhante, as well as awareness of social issues, through drama, storytelling and songs. She also brought the Dharma to children through art and games, and helped empower other women with skills based training and self defence. Abhayadana was ordained in 1998, began working with the women’s ordination team in 2016, and became a private preceptor in 2019.

Vijaya worked in the Bahujan Hitay social project for 15 years. She was ordained in 1994 and began supporting Srimala with ordination training, becoming a full time member of the ordination team and working with Karunamaya and Jnanasuri from 2007. She has been concentrating on leading retreats, and being a kalyanamitra to other women. She became a private preceptor in 2012 and has ordained 23 women.

Abhayavati was ordained in 1994. She worked in a Bahujan Hitay girls hostel, as a managing trustee, for six years, and has been very involved in studying and teaching Dhamma to mitras. She helped Srimala with an ordination retreat, and then joined the ordination team in 2015. Also in 2015 Abhayavati’s husband passed away, and her sangha friends were a great support to her at this time. She has been a private preceptor since 2017.

Shubhajaya started working in a Bahujan Hitay kindergarten soon after coming in contact with Triratna in 1991. She was ordained in 2004, and as well as leading Mitra classes and being a kalyanamitra to many women, she worked as a Chapter Convenor for several years. She joined the women’s ordination team in 2011, became a private preceptor in 2014, and has ordained five women.

With metta,

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Jai Bhim! SADHU SADHU SADHU! woo woo woo - that’s such fantasic news. I’m so glad!

A great sadhu to Abhayadana and Vijaya and Abhayavati and Shubhajaya, you’ll all be excellent additions to the College - yey!

with metta and respect

Saddhanandi :-)

(Chair of Adhisthana)

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Dear sangha sisters and brothers, Namo Buddhay ! Jai Bhim !! Jai Urgyen !!!

This message has given me a lot of happiness. I salute these four of our sisters.
Abhaydana, Vijaya, Shubhjaya, Abhayawati many congratulations to you and good wishes to all involved…Sadhu ! Sadhu !! Sadhu !!!

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Jai Bhim and I echo the celebrations of these wonderful appointments of 4 excellent Dharmafarers to carry on the work of Womens ordinations in India.

I feel much happiness for us all that you have taken on this responsibility and much happiness for the Womens wing in India.



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Dear Dhamma sisters,

Jai Bhim and thank you for your willingness to work for the Order.

With metta,

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Jai Bhim, so much joy in knowing of these four appointments. Delighted may you all go from strength to strength.

Love and Metta Vimalamati

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Wonderful news. With much gratitude that you are willing to take on this important work  for our Order. 
love Maitripala

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Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

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This is wonderful news. Jai bhim and Sadhu! Xxx

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Oh such good news!! I have been concerned about the situation.

Deep gratitude for your service Abhayadana, Vijaya, Abhayavati and Shubhajaya. May all blessings be yours…