College of Public Preceptors

Public Preceptor Appointments: Dayachandra + Jnanadakini

On Mon, 1 May, 2023 - 20:00
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Dear Order Members and friends,

The College of Public Preceptors is delighted to announce the appointment of Jnanadakini and Dayachandra as Public Preceptors. I am especially glad to welcome the first two Mexican Dharmacharinis into the the College.

With metta,



Hola nuevamente mi nombre es Dayachandra que significa “luna de la compasión”
Fuí la primer mujer ordenada en México  por Párami en  el año 2005 ella es mi preceptora privaday pública. He trabajado activamente en el centro budista de la Ciudad e México desde 1995 aproximadamente desempeñando varios trabajos.

En este momento sigo participando,en dar clases,retiros y con las mujeres que están en proceso. Tengo dos hijos Mariano y Karla y estoy divorciada desde 1994. Ahora soy un anagarika.

Hello. My name is Dayachandra, which means “moon of compassion”. I was the first woman ordained in Mexico by Parami in 2005, and she is my private and public preceptor. I have been active in the Mexico City Buddhist Centre since about 1995, in various capacities.

At the moment I am still involved in giving classes and retreats, as well as with the women who are in the ordination process. I have two children Mariano and Karla and have been divorced since 1994. I am now an anagarika.


Jnanadakini is from Mexico and lives in Mexico City. She got ordained in 2002, by Parami as her Private Preceptor. She was the first dharmacharini in Latin America.

Along these 20 years she has been a very active Order member in helping out Triratna Mexico both in the movement and Order strand. She has taking part in the International Council, and has played an important role in supporting GFR mitra women in Venezuela. She has been part of the Ordination Team for Latin America for the last 9 years and and is also private preceptor. 

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Yey! That is serioulsly fabulous news! sadhu! sadhu! sadhu! xxxxx

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Excellent news.  Sadhu!

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So happy to have our first Mexican Private Preceptors. This is of great importance for many women in Latin America. ¡Bien hecho, hermanas!