College of Public Preceptors

Public Preceptor Appointment: Yashodeva

On Sun, 28 March, 2021 - 18:25
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Dear friends

I’m delighted to say that the College of Public Preceptors has appointed Yashodeva as a Public Preceptor. 

Yashodeva was ordained in 1981 and is now 59. He lived at Guhyaloka for 12 years, which is where he began working with men who were training for ordination, and has continued to be involved with GFR retreats in Spain since moving to Adhisthana eight years ago. He conducted his first ordination in 1999, and is now private preceptor to four men and kalyanamitra to many others. He has also been supporting the sangha in Venezuela.

With metta,


Yashodeva writes,

Back in 1981, I was 20 and became Yashodeva on the first 3-month Ordination retreat along with Saddhaloka. I was an art student and thought of the Buddhist life and an artistic life being one, and that that was what I was going to do. I have increasingly found that I have wanted to be involved in team-based projects. I was Chairman of the Brighton Buddhist Centre and then, whilst being an Anagarika, I was chair at Guhyaloka for 12 years, building, cooking, fire-break making, and supporting and leading Ordination Courses. In 1999, whilst at Guhyaloka, I became a Private Preceptor. I hit a mid-life crisis towards the end of this phase and decided I wanted to have a new perspective of myself. I got married and worked as a builder in Valencia, Spain. Then, when Adhisthana was being bought I came here. I wanted to be once again involved in a big team-based project. I will be splitting my time between my work here looking after the buildings and helping our sangha in Spain. And continuing to paint pictures.

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