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Public Preceptor Appointment: Sucimani

On Wed, 29 November, 2023 - 16:33
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Dear Order members + friends,

The College of Public Preceptors is delighted to announce the appointment of Sucimani as a Public Preceptor. 

You can read more about Sucimani in her own words, below.

With metta,


Sucimani writes:

I was born in Crystal Palace, South London in 1962 to young parents. I love that I was born there as I was later named Sucimani which means pure jewel.

I had two younger brothers. 

I came along to the Croydon Buddhist Centre after a passionate love affair ended. I was looking for something to give meaning to my life as I’d not found it in a relationship nor in studying history and sociology for my degree. I immediately felt at home at the centre and continue to be part of the Croydon sangha.

I married my dear husband - Douglas - around the same time that I found Buddhism and we live happily together.

I was ordained both publicly and privately by Dhammadinna in 1999 at Il Convento and have completely loved being in the order. 

After ordination I worked in team based right livelihood - we had a wholefood shop in Croydon - with some great women for about 8 years. I had no plans to leave when my dad and my youngest brother died within 3 years of each other. Both were unexpected deaths. My dad was 64 and died of an undiagnosed heart condition and my brother committed suicide. I needed lots of space and time to be with and face into what had happened. I spent time gazing at the sky.

I then spent a very happy decade holding various order responsibilities. I was a regional order, part of the area and international councils, part of the buddhist centre online editorial board, a trustee and later chair of the Triratna trust. I loved having the opportunity to express my love for being part of the order in this way.

I had stepped out of these responsibilities and created a space for something else to arise when I was asked to become a public preceptor. I was appointed a private preceptor in 2015 and have very much enjoyed the privilege of ordaining other women.

I am a devoted Green Tara practitioner. 

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Fabulous news! Sadhu from me and saddhanandi! 

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Congratulations Sucimani. I have complete confidence in you.

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Thank you, dear Sucimani, for accepting this big and important responsibility! May it be a joyful experience as well as meaningful. With love, Jnanacandra


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I’ve got a lot of time for Sucimani.  I’m sure she’ll make a wonderful public preceptor. 

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Dear Sucimani,

Congratulations with you becoming a public preceptor. I still have fond memories of us all together in Il Convento, the beginning of a life in the Order and it led for you to this. Sadhu!