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Ordinations at Taraloka

On Mon, 24 May, 2021 - 11:14
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I’m very happy to let you know that ten public ordinations took place at Taraloka on the afternoon of Sunday 23rd May. This culminates the UK spring ordination retreats led by Subhadramati, Vajratara, Hridayagita and Danayutta from Taraloka over the last five weeks. The new order members did the retreat with their private preceptors at various locations in the UK with a full online retreat programme from Taraloka. We’re delighted that this was able to take place despite demanding conditions.  

Pat MacKenzie from Llangollen becomes Karunasati (a dot under the “n”), a name meaning “She who has compassionate awareness.” Registered spelling: Karunasati. Private Preceptor: Padmasara.

Sarak Boak from Southampton and Buddhafield becomes Utpaladhi (a long ”i”), a name meaning “She whose mind is like the blue lotus.” Registered spelling: Utpaladhi. Private Preceptor: Kamalagita.

Rakish Rose from Colchester becomes Saddhavasita (a long second, third and final “a”), a name meaning “She who is perfumed by faith.” Registered spelling: Saddhavasita. Private Preceptor: Atulyamati.

Kirstine Pearson from Manchester becomes Suryasraddha (a long “u”, an accent over the second “s” and a long final “a”), a name meaning “She whose faith is like the sun.” Registered spelling: Suryashraddha. Private Preceptor: Dayamala.

Maggie Johnson from Colchester becomes Kamaladaya (a long final “a”), a name meaning “She who is or has the compassion of the red lotus.” Registered spelling: Kamaladaya. Private Preceptor: Samantabhadri.

Sue Hart from London Buddhist Centre becomes Maitrekara (a long final “a”), a name meaning “She who is a rich source of love.” Registered spelling: Maitrekara. Private Preceptor: Candraprabha.

Mary Allen from Cambridge becomes Sammudita (a long final “a”), a name meaning “She who delights (in the Dharma).” Registered spelling: Sammudita. Private Preceptor: Candraprabha.

Erika Narkiewicz from Norwich becomes Srirajni (an accent over the “s”, a long first and final “i”, a long “a” and a tilde over the “n”), a name meaning “Queen with the radiance of Awakening.” Registered spelling: Shrirajni. Private Preceptor: Vajragupta.  

Amanda Vincent from Norwich becomes Pundarika (dots under the “n” and “d”, a long “i”, a long final “a”), a name meaning “She who is like the white lotus.” Registered spelling: Pundarika. Private Preceptor: Vajragupta.

Christiane Meckseper from Cambridge becomes Dayanita (a long second and final “a”, a long “i”), a name meaning “She who is guided by compassion.” Registered spelling: Dayanita. Private Preceptor: Aryajaya.  

Public preceptor for all: Subhadramati.


Yours in the Dharma,


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