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Ordinations at Guhyaloka

On Thu, 2 June, 2022 - 11:54
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29th May 2022

We are delighted to announce that the ordinations of the following people took place at Guhyaloka Retreat Centre on Sunday 29th May 2022

With Metta,

Paramabandhu and Jnanavaca 

Public preceptor Jnanavaca:
Bill Bowles becomes Satyacārin. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who lives in accordance with the Truth’. Registered spelling Satyacharin. Private preceptor Abhayavajra.

Frédéric Menalda becomes Amoghapāla. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘Unfailing Guardian’. Registered spelling Amoghapala. Private preceptor Mahamati.

Christian Radulescu becomes Priyacaksu. (Dot under the S). A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who looks with kindly eyes’. Registered spelling Priyachakshu. Private preceptor Arthapriya.

Keval Shah becomes Moksayogin (Dot under the S). A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who practises for liberation. Registered spelling Mokshayogin. Private preceptor Vessantara.

Gareth Austin becomes Dayājava. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He whose kindness is swift’. Registered spelling Dayajava. Private preceptor Pāraga.

Hippolyte Morello becomes Samantavajra. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who is an all-encompassing vajra’. Registered Samantavajra. Private preceptor Paramabandhu.

Public preceptor Paramabandhu:
Kevin Statham becomes Pāranāyaka. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who leads others to the Further Shore’. Registered spelling Paranayaka. Private preceptor Mahāśraddha.

John Brazier becomes Vimaladāsa. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who is a servant of the stainless’. Registered spelling Vimaladasa. Private preceptor Paramabandhu.

Dennis Jaqestad becomes Maitreyaśīla. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who is friendly and of virtuous conduct’. Registered spelling Maitreyashila. Private preceptor Dānapriya.

Hans Kaiser becomes Āryanāyaka. A Sanskrit name meaning ’Noble leader’. Registered spelling Aryanayaka. Private preceptor Mahāśraddha.

Joris Depouillon becomes Maitrīpa. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who protects loving-kindness’. Registered spelling Maitripa. Private preceptor Satyarāja.

Frankie Radcliffe becomes Amāyarāja. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘He who has kingly qualities; without guile or deceit’. Registered spelling Amayaraja. Private preceptor Jinavamsa.

Tom Connolly becomes Candradipa. A Sanskrit name meaning ‘Light of the moon’. Registered spelling Candradipa. Private preceptor Pāraga.

David Breen becomes Maitrīśūra. A Sanskrit name meaning ’The hero of loving-kindness’. Registered spelling Maitrishura. Private preceptor Jñānavāca.

Matt Grenz becomes Maitrīkumāra. A Sanskrit name meaning ’The prince of loving-kindness’. Registered spelling Maitrikumara. Private preceptor Jñānavāca 

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