College of Public Preceptors

Ordinations at Akashavana

On Wed, 22 June, 2022 - 14:31
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We are delighted to announce that the ordinations of the following 18 people took place at Akashavana on Saturday 18th June 2022, 

With metta, Punyamala and Vajratara. 

Public Preceptor Punyamala: 

Marleen Laurman becomes Acaladevī, a Pali/Sanskrit name meaning “Goddess of unshakeable Awakening”. Registered spelling Achaladevi. Private preceptor Prajnadevi. 

Beate Lippik becomes Candraniṣṭhā, A Sanskrit name meaning “She who is devoted to the moon of Bodhicitta. Registered spelling Chandranishta. Private preceptor Jvālāmālinī. 

Catherine Dixon becomes Dayāgītā, a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning “She whose song is kindness”. Registered spelling Dayagita. Private preceptor Vimalavajrī. 

Eileen Merryweather becomes Mokṣacārā, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who walks the path of freedom”. Registered spelling Mokshachara. Private preceptor Saddhahadayā.

Berni Buston becomes Satyasārā, a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose essence or strength is truth”. Registered spelling Satyasara. Private preceptor Amṛtamati.

Bärbel Wrede becomes Satyatārā, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is a star of truth”. Registered spelling Satyatara. Private preceptor Sucimanasa.

Lizzie Sparkes becomes Jayadhī, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has the wisdom of victory”. Registered spelling Jayadhi. Private preceptor Vajratāra.

Janet Hill becomes Amṛtasakhī, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is a friend of the deathless nectar of immortality”. Registered spelling Amritasakhi. Private preceptor Karuṇādhī.

Claire Robillard becomes Tyāgatāra, a Sanskrit name meaning “One who is a star of generosity”. Registered spelling Tyagatara. Private preceptor Vimalasārā

Sarah Gilpin becomes Sūryahṛdayā, a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose heart is like the sun”. Registered spelling Suryahridaya. Private preceptor Vidyāśrī.

Public Preceptor Vajratara: 

Janette Hall becomes Kamalā, a Sanskrit name meaning “Red Lotus”. Registered spelling Kamala. Private preceptor Tārādākinī. 

Sara Khorasani becomes Candradhī, a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning “One whose wisdom is like the moon”. Registered spelling Chandradhi. Private preceptor Tārādākinī.

Lona Kovaks becomes Siṃghaśūrī, a Sanskrit name meaning “Lionness-like heroine”. Registered spelling Singhashuri. Private preceptor Padmadhāriṇī.

Annie Johnson becomes Śubhadhī, a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose wisdom is from beauty”. Registered spelling Shubhadhi. Private preceptor Jvālāmālinī

Steffi Heller becomes Ākāśasārā, a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose essence is like open space. Registered spelling Akashasara. Private preceptor Prasadavati. 

Elaine Smith becomes Tamojyoti, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is a light in the darkness”. Registered spelling Tamojyoti. Private preceptor Sunada.

Katja Behrendt becomes Akṣayapradīpā, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is an inexhaustible lamp”. Registered spelling Akshayapradipa. Private preceptor Karuṇādhī.

Sally Malsingh becomes Dharmalīlā, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has the grace and beauty of the Dharma”. Registered spelling Dharmalila. Private preceptor: Vimalavajrī.

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