College of Public Preceptors

Ordinations at Adhisthana

On Wed, 20 September, 2023 - 22:20
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During the Spanish Speaking Pilgrimage at Adhisthana the following five women had their Public Ordination Ceremony on Wednesday 20th September.


Public Preceptor Parami:

Maria Elena Ludeña becomes Varamaitri (long final ‘i’): a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has excellent loving kindness.”
(La que tiene maitri excelente)
Registered spelling: Varamaitri
Private preceptor Jnanadakini

Henriette Arreaza becomes Akasadhi (long 1st and 2nd ‘a’ long ‘i’): a Pali name meaning “She who has the wisdom of Akasa (space).”
(La que tiene la sabiduría de Akasa)
Registered spelling: Akasadhi
Private preceptor Jnanadakini

Public Preceptor Dayachandra:

Elena Pliego becomes Silabhadri (Accent above the ’s’, both ‘i’ long): a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is foremost in ethics.”
(Aquella que destaca por su ética)
Registered spelling: Silabhadri
Private preceptor Saddhajoti

Public Preceptor Jnanadakini:

Paulina Castañeda becomes Parasanti (accent above the ’s’, long 3rd ‘a’) a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has supreme peace.”
(Aquella que posee la paz suprema)
Registered spelling: Parashanti
Private preceptor Dayachandra

Montserrat Arellano becomes Candrakanti (long 3rd ‘a’): a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has the moon’s radiance.”
(La que posee el resplandor de la luna)
Registered spelling: Chandrakanti
Private preceptor Dayachandra

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