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Vote for Colchester Buddhists to get Solar PV on our New Centre

On Fri, 25 September, 2015 - 18:20
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Vote for Colchester Buddhists to get Solar PV on our New Centre


The deadline for voting is 30 Sep so please vote for us to get PV!

Colchester Buddhist Centre has been operating for over 15 years in the town centre, offering the people of Colchester the opportunity to find out about and practice Buddhism, meditation, and yoga.

We have now purchased our very own building and wish to make the centre as sustainable as possible, being one of the founding members of the Sustainable Buddhist Centre Scheme. We have been shortlisted through the M&S Energy Scheme and rely on your generosity to vote for us to have solar PV to generate renewable energy.

It takes just a couple of minutes and will be deeply appreciated. Without your vote we will not be able to afford the solar panels, which would costs thousands of pounds and save us even more. Use this code:-

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Great success!  I’ve just received an email from the M&S fund for solar PV for our new Colchester Buddhist Centre! Thank you all so much for supporting, voting, promoting and sharing! Couldn’t have done it without you X

From M&S:- Congratulations, you’ve finished at the top of the leaderboard in your M&S Energy Community Energy Fund category and have successfully secured funding for your community energy project!